Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, Water Damage & Mold Cleanup Services

Serving South Jersey

and South Florida:

Serving South Jersey

and South Florida:

Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, Water Damage & Mold Cleanup Services

Safe, fast and affordable results - it's why we call it our "Instant Home Makeover"!

It's important to protect your home's siding from dirt, mold, mildew and grime. It's also important to protect the integrity of your home's exterior when it is being cleaned.  That is why we use a safe and effective Soft Washing cleaning method, applying eco-friendly solutions to safely remove these contaminants. Our method uses no more pressure than a garden hose and will have your home's exterior looking fresh and clean in no time -  without the risk of damage to your home and landscaping often found with standard power washing.

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Toll Free: 800-560-9274

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Residential Pressure Washing, Soft Washing and Window Cleaning

Serving South Jersey:  Ocean County, NJ

and Long Beach Island, NJ areas.

Serving South Florida:  Punta Gorda, FL

and Port Charlotte, FL areas.

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Our services are custom tailored to make homeowners happy!  Our wide range of residential property cleaning & maintenance services make us the go to choice for top quality Pressure Washing, Soft Washing, Restoration, and Window Cleaning services in the South Jersey and South Florida areas.


Our Soft Wash House Washing service is ideal for safely removing unsightly dirt, grime, mold, and mildew buildup from all types of home exterior siding, including:

​Vinyl Siding • Brick, Stone & Masonry • Stucco, Dryvit, EIFS & more!

Yes!  We can safely remove those ugly dark stains and streaks on your roof!​

Roof stains are caused by an algae (Gloeocapsa magma) feeding on the limestone in your shingles. This unsightly algae growth can be safely & effectively removed using our specialized Soft Wash Roof Cleaning technique!  This revolutionary roof cleaning method will make your existing roof look like new again for just a fraction of the high cost of roof replacement - saving you thousands!  Plus, our Soft Washing method poses no risk of damage while delivering amazing results - and for far less than expensive premature roof replacement.


Never let anyone power wash your roof!  Using excessive water pressure on your roof blasts away shingle granules and drastically shortens the life of your roof!

​Ideal for:  Asphalt Shingle Roofs • Spanish Tile Roofs • Metal Roofs


Did you know that the exterior of your gutters can be cleaned, too?

​​​​​​​​​​​Unsightly dark streaks and stains accumulate on the exterior facing of your gutters due to "electrostatic bonding".  We can safely and effectively scrub away these ugly markings.  This service is the perfect finishing touch to our House Washing service!

It is vitally important to keep your home's gutters clog-free.​

Maintaining a properly functioning, clog-free gutters and downspouts system is huge part of protecting your home from roof ice dams, water backups, interior leaks, foundation damage, and insect and pest nesting.  Plus, who wants to climb a ladder to do the dirty job?  We can help!


• Concrete Driveway Cleaning

• Concrete Sidewalk Cleaning

• Concrete Porch Cleaning

A cleaned driveway, patio or pool deck will do wonders for your home's beauty!

Our professional surface cleaning methods remove the ugly build up of dirt, grime, grease, oil, and rust, revealing bright, clean, new looking surfaces that enhance your property's beauty.  We utilize specialized high pressure washing and steam cleaning techniques to wash away the unsightly buildup of contaminants that stain and discolor your property's concrete surfaces. Because we think you shouldn't have to endure looking at a less than perfect property you just aren't happy with for one more single day!


• Wood Deck & Fence Cleaning

• Wood Deck & Fence Stripping

• Wood Deck & Fence Brightening

When properly cleaned and sealed, a wood deck or fence is a thing of beauty!

But left neglected they can all too easily become a dull, faded, weathered looking eyesore.  Let us help you reclaim the true natural beauty of your wood deck, fence, arbor or gazebo.  Our wood care and wood restoration expertise and top quality products are second to none.  By utilizing a comprehensive 6-step wood restoration process, we are able to renew and rejuvenate even the most tired looking wood decks or fences, making them the beautiful part of your home and property they should be!


Top quality window cleaning has always been one of our trademark services!

We started as a residential window cleaning company back in 1989, so it's very safe to say, "we know windows!".  We provide exterior window cleaning, as well as interior window cleaning, delivering sparkling clean, streak-free window cleaning results each and every time!

Our Promise:  We will care for your home as if it were our very own.  We always wear clean uniforms and shoe covers when performing interior window cleaning service. Drop cloths are used to protect your flooring and furnishings as well.


If you live in South Florida, you know how dirty screen enclosures can get!

Residents of the Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte, Florida area know how necessary their screen enclosures are.  They help keep out pesky insects (and deter the occasional alligator) and stop vegetation from falling into their pools and clogging up the filter.  And for these very same reasons, the hard-to-reach mesh on screen enclosures gets incredibly dirty. 

• Concrete Pool Deck Cleaning

• Concrete Patio Cleaning

• Plus, Brick Pavers & Masonry Cleaning!

• Wood Deck & Fence Staining

• Wood Deck & Fence Sealing

• Plus, Composite Decks & Vinyl Fences!

Additional window-related services include:

Window Maintenance & Repair • Screen Cleaning • Storm Shutter Removal/Install

Let us clean your screen enclosure - because you have better things to do! 

Established 1989  -  Licensed & Insured

Service to Long Beach Island (LBI), NJ:  Barnegat Light NJ, Harvey Cedars NJ, Surf City NJ, Ship Bottom NJ, and all subdivisions of Long Beach Township NJ:  Loveladies ,North Beach,The Dunes, Brighton Beach, Brant Beach, Beach Haven Gardens, South Beach Haven , North Beach Haven, Holgate, Beach Haven Inlet, Pehalia park, Beach Haven Terrace, Haven Beach.